Exodus 32:4

There’s always a loneliness, an emptiness in the heart of man that can only be filled by a divine power. A higher power. Every religion, cult and spiritual organisation seeks to feel this void by introducing something supernatural.

In the bible when Moses went for forty days and forty nights on the mountain, the emptiness descended upon the people and they lost faith in an ‘ Invisible God’, the “UNKNOWN POWER” . They had waited upon this same God for more than four centuries yet this emptiness wont allow them to wait for forty days!!!! They desired a visible power and a familiar expression of faith. This might have been as a result of their stay in Egypt. Slavery had subconsciously taught them a “way” . Slavery has a way of rubbing on us its filth. Man has been a slave to sin since the fall in Genesis 3 to a point where they are only familiar with building monuments. Monuments and representations of our ideas and ideologies. Man are so married to them that they can’t join any congregation unless they are allowed to carry these monuments into the church! Political monuments, sociocultural monuments. The pursuit of riches is the greatest folly of man today ,and its monuments are all over.
Their Gold was used to build their Idol.
The world will not use its own resources to build your idol! They will use what you have. Your fears, greed, desires to customise an idol that you will quickly sigh “I am fulfilled at long last!!”
This same mistake they made when they demanded a King of flesh and blood like other nations. Unfortunately this weakness has shadowed man till today. Man has this good emptiness in him that desires a god. That desires wholeness. Sadly culture has taught us how to seek for wholeness. Seeking by what we can interact with using the 5 sences. Some are merely sensational yet truly others are at a spiritual level. Not the right spirit.
THE CREATOR knows exactly what his creation needs. So man’s persuit for pleasure, happiness, love, fulfilment and god will always be futile unless they ask He who has their blueprint.
The Israelites trusted upon their own feeling to create a visible God and thus broke the law of God! The object of fulfilment can never be the source of the fulfilment. Meaning love can not be the source of love. God is love, he can give love. Remove the golden calf. Embrace God.
We can SEE GOD
Faith makes us see God in everything arround us not a form but His power in us, with us , through us and around us. Only Faith !!!
Patience is needed in us even as it was needed in those Israelites who created the abominable calf and worshiped it. Today, as we wait for Jesus who ascended to the father, just as Moses ascended, we should not create idols, ideals or even conveniences to replace God!

This should not replace God
Riches should not replace God, Pleasure should not replace God, people should not replace God. Science should not Replace God. Ideals like Atheism should not replace God. Witchcraft should not replace God. In God we find life. We find wholeness
Because the punishment of the wicked has delayed men have fallen into sin. This is indicative of the lack of integrity.


Author: Ticha Masai

Passionate about holistic freedom of all mankind through the gospel

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