Mammon Or God

In a world that faith is growing more and more legalistic and materialistic, it is easy to quickly forget that believers can not serve God and Mammon. (Matthew

6:24). In simple terms, one can not serve two masters but because of some people’s double mindedness the church institutions are becoming unstable in all its ways (James 1:8) take the state of governments for example, the church institutions can not stand as one body but segmentalized in capsules of selfishness and greed. Gone are the days when the governments of the day would seek wise and untainted counsel from the church. This was what God intended. Today the clergy, the supposed light of the world, are bathing and busking under the dark laces of politicians. From Africa to the Americas, from the Australian Island to the great European continent.

Time has come that the Church takes it’s rightful place.

The early church should be our role model, not the state or white houses,… the Word must be our sole command (once again) not the world. We must find a way that believers can focus on seeking the Kingdom of God first without fear or favor!!!

The Spirit of mammon is dividing the church from its core. From it spring false Prophesy and hearsay and all manner of evil.

Make a choice today, serve God or Love Mammon .


Author: Ticha Masai

Passionate about holistic freedom of all mankind through the gospel

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