Moses (Numbers 14:12) was given an opportunity to restart the tribe of Israel but he turned it down for the Love of the people.

David would have stayed at his palace and let the angel destroy the city and the people (2 Samuel 24:17) but he Chose to intercede and sacrifice Himself.

Solomon was given an opportunity to ask anything from the Creator of all things but he chose wisdom, what for?to lead the people of God.

Here is the funniest irony…

The Devil (Creature) gave Jesus (the Creator ) the opportunity to rule the world, to be wealthy n to create provision (the bread) but turned it down that HE might Finish His Fathers business (to save the world).

Today we’ve all been given an opportunity, what are we doing with it. Be selfless in your vision as a leader and think about the people, the ailing world around us.

To sacrifice and plant a seed of selfless LOVE, will grow into a forest of selfless LOVE. Even just a small garden of love.

We all have the opportunity ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. Use it this Easter.



On your way from where you were yesterday to where you are today, many people have helped with positive energy or negative energy. As much as this was necessary and true, one thing has always been constant : YOU

Without YOU, no amount of help was, is or will ever be able to pull you through. In the availability of YOU and the conscious understanding of your source of strength and points of your weakness you the rest is Faith and trust in the one Person that knows your end from the very first beginning.

To find YOU, you need your blue print! Only one Person has it: God. You must also have faith in yourself and faith in the power that dwells in you through Jesus Christ. (If the power is absent Ask. Seek)

Cursed is the man who puts his trust upon :-

  1. Man – friends and relatives
  2. Chariots – mechanisms of man
  3. The arm of flesh- godfathers and bodyguards!

Yes, they may help and are necessary in everyone’s life but they are not your all. GOD IS, JESUS IS ,YOU ARE

Discover yourself. Break away from the culture. Be free!



Most of the time in life, because of the socialcultural influences we most often, even Christians, take to heart the voices around us that say we are finished but God has a different story, a different destiny, because He authored and finished our faith. Our walk. Our story. We only have to tap in to it by faith.

Therefore undressed of saying “I am finished ” we should remember what Jesus said at the cross “It is Finished ” it’s no longer by might nor by power (the works from our side ) but by His Spirit says the LORD. Jesus says what I have said, done, promised I have paid the full price for it.

I am here to insist that the deal is squared : IT IS FINISHED


Freedom becomes elusive when it’s sought without understanding. Anyone seeking freedom must define it’s freedom from what. Many people do not know exactly what they are running from. Therefore in this state we find ourselves screaming “freedom ” while stagnant for generations…. A good example is black freedom, we can not run away from a personal freedom. Unless we free ourselves the key can not come from outside. And many other freedoms :political, spiritual etc

The second and most crucial part of being free is to determine freedom to do what? Ever wondered why Africans after attaining “freedom ” went right back into dark colonisation?. Ever wondered why those under spiritual oppression plunged in to Jolly Spiritual Oppression.?

Know the truth and the truth shall set him free John 8:32


Consider this invitation
From the father of Creation
Whose reign is eternal…

And without Hesitation
Embraced the Crucifixion
A sacrifice for us all…

It takes but simple Faith
As thro’ the Holy Writ He Saith….
B’liv and Receive life Eternal….

Just come in your present state
Weather void of love or hot with hate
God has a rest for thy #soul!