Are we not missing the entire point here? Judging by posts on social media very few Christian’s can even pray right. Ignorant declarations of Conquest in Christ are flying all over. Many of the Christians (churchgoers) posting this things are spending only 2% of their time praying,the rest they lavishly spend on Movies and telenovelas, social media eating and sleeping. Not preparing for he post-Covid-19.

If Noah stood out of the ark and declared “I shall not die but live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Would he have survived the flood. What if Moses and Aaron ignored the precautionary instruction of God during the last plague and stood outside their doorposts to sing ” I am more than a conquerer (against the angel of death) in Christ Jesus.” Would they have lived through that particular plague? What is Lot would turn back to carry his wife saying “I can do all things (even carry my darling Pilar of salt) through Christ who strengthens me” what would have become of him?

The blood of Jesus is great than Covid-19. Do not fear. Have faith that this will pass. Yes, you shall not die but live. In the meantime do the right thing. Don’t face this Goliath with feigned faith. Have the sling and the little rocks. Wash your hands, stay home, pray, preach. Don’t just walk on the red Sea ask God how to Go through it. He can give us victory far greater than scientists have predicted. More than we ask or think.

As long as we are facing this Pandemic as a persecution against Christians we will pray and declare wrong.

Difference between persecution and tribulation

Persecution is an act to subjugate or eliminate a group of people in terms of their , religious, racial or political stance. It is orchastrated by other people.

Tribulation is simply a trying period of time or circumstances beyond our human control. Floods, famine, epidemics, plagues are not persecution they are Tribulation. God has the answer. Ask his perfect will.

The early church was singled out as the victims of persecution, therefore they faced their perpetrators boldly to death. Refusing to be silenced. And their deaths were gain. What Paul faced on the other hand, a thorn in his flesh, he only could go to God in prayer. And though he prayed three times three times he received the no answer, but Grace was sufficiently given for this weakness. And he taught a good fight.

Persecution can escalate into tribulation especially when the perpetrators engage in massive warfare that can go beyond their control. Atomic or biological. Thank God nothing is too hard for God.

If this Covid -19 is a war, then the body of Christ is just a collateral damage. A dangerous collateral. We’ve been caught in the cross fire. Yet we are the baddest enemy to be rattled. We can turn this upside down. If we know how to pray right. We are asked to glory in tribulations but is that what we are doing or are we fighting the governments (for closing down churches) and blaming a race while hiding behind our fear. Remember this, though we walk in the flesh (belonging to a race or religion) the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (posting, rioting and hating) but but mighty in God for pulling out strongholds. STRONGHOLDS.


Our best option today is the prayer closet. Where God can give us the strategy to glory. To influence. To triumph. Let God show us how we can emerge glorious on the other side of Covid-19. He is not trying to concoct a solution in Heaven for Covid-19 like man is trying to find a vaccine. No. He has the answer. This is the time to grow house fellowships. Where denominations don’t difinitively divide us. Now is the time to read and intentionally meditate on God’s word. I mean, look on the brighter side. Many churches are online today a chance to reach out many more souls from your living rooms with a message of Hope, Love and salvation. Thank God it is dark outside! Are you not the light? Shine on. When the world is hoarding stuff the christian should share more with adversely affected families. Stand out and shine. When everyone is crying. Rejoice. And share the reason for your joy. But all this will come from a closer relation with Christ.

The Truth is

The churches are not closed, they have just been unleashed to a wider audience. Stop fighting ask for the grace to do Gods perfect will. Revival is fast coming be part of it!

God bless you.


Rev Bishop James Tembula writes this Encouraging Message in this Dark times..

“(God) has rescued us and has drawn us to Himself from the dominion of darkness,
and has transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son(Jesus).”

Colossians 1:13 AMP.

Often times we find ourselves whimpering and groveling before God “in prayer”-imploring Him “to do something” to fix the sinful sorry state of the world!

(“O God,please do something-or we all perish!”)
This kind of prayer is EXACTLY the kind of prayer that doesn’t get any response from God!
Because God has done ALL there is to be done-it is incumbent upon you and me to ENFORCE what He has ALREADY done!

When Jesus responded to the disciples request to be taught on prayer,
the first “prayer item” was,
“Your kingdom come,
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
(Matthew 6:5-13).

Jesus would not have put forth this as a prayer Item if it can not be answered!

This prayer item presupposes that one is intimately acquintanted with God and is aware of the Omnipotence of God-who is our ONLY focus of prayer!

Whenever you are in prayer as a child of God,
you are not begging God for some little tiny spare “handouts”-NO!
You are establishing His Kingdom and His will here on earth through your prayer!

“Ask of Me and I will give you the heathen for an inheritance,
and the ends of the earth for Your possession”

-Psalm 2:8!

You have the legal (both spiritual and physical) mandate to do so!

“The heaven,even the heavens are the LORD’s; But the earth He has given to the children of men……

…..Occupy till I come.”
Psalm 115:16;
Luke 19:13b!

As long as you are a Holy Ghost filled child of God,move in the divinely mandated authority and DOMINATE your area of influence on this earth-Genesis 1:26;
Psalm 8:5-6!

Child of God,
This is your season of HONOR AND INFLUENCE-
arise and manifest your influence!
Psalm 112:9c-NLT!


Rev. Dr. James Tembula is the Bishop of Light Of Hope Global Ministries -Kenya. He is also the founding Director of Connexions Leadership Institute. He is passionate about Christ’s Mission and Developing And Demonstrating Servant Leadership. An awesome Conference Facilitator.


It’s natural to want to declare to the whole wide world “I have a dream… I have a dream… I have a D.R.E.A….M!!

But the moment you open up your eyes you find yourself in a whirlwind of confusion and Emotion laced with anticipation and expectation.

Truth is;

Gazillions of valid Dreams have not seen the light of day, because of self doubt. You must have faith in God. Have faith in you too.

Millions die before sunset because of negative reception from people. People will persecute you at the inception of the dream just like Joseph. Persist, don’t turn back.

thousands and hundreds of dreams wither away in the course of years because of Rocky terrain and harsh climate. Keep moving. The weather seasons you and salts the dream.

many are pricked and torn up by hiccups and pains In the environment…. This dream will succeed, Your dream is enough to inspire the whole world! Stay the path, eyes trained on Jesus.

You don’t need the whole world’s gold, you only need God to start. God is the right environment! He is that one partner who will never leave or forsake you. He is the networker who opens ways where there seems to be no ways. He is not in this dream because of the money markets, He is in this dream for the Glory and Honour of his Holy name. He gave the dream. He shall fulfill it.

“And though it tarries, wait forit, Because it will surely come.. ” says the LORD. (Habakkuk 2:3)
For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. (2Corinthians 1:20)

May God bless you and perfect all that concerns your life and purpose in the Kingdom. Amen

God’s Love

The LIE is that God is judgemental and unconcerned. To many still God is one dictator who uses people and dump or kills them! He is not caring at all.

The truth is this
1. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus. Roman 8:38-39. The greatest assurance of God’s love is in Christ Jesus whom God sent to redeem mankind.

2. He’s concerned about your eternal wellbeing and He sent His son Jesus to Die for us. John3:16 He is also concerned with that which concerns us. That even is our depraved states, He is still able to visit us.

3. Everything you do for God is not in vain but will receive reward both here, presently and then eternally
Matthew19:29/1Corinthians 15:58

4. He deeply cares for you that He doesn’t want you to bear any burden by yourself.
Matthew11:28-30 & 1Peter5:7.

God Cares, Jesus care hold firm to the faith.

Thats the truth that sets you free

A Morrow of no Sorrow

Sunsets usher Earth to darkness,
But the sun to a glorious greatness,
The moon’s the preacher of another hope
Even though, today, we, like shodows grope
In the nows of sad sorrows!

She’s the sun that yonder shines
Joining chords of Heavenly hymns,
Her heart a part of the very chimes
Of Music eternal by the seraphims
In the morrow of no sorrow!


(For dear cousin Dolo, who just died)


ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, this is TRUE. Yet this must not be our comfort as Christians to dwell in sin waiting to die in sin

We are born again, born of God’s will and dead to sin. ROM 6:6 meaning sin should no longer be attractive to a child of God! But if we commit sin (that’s what we do not who we are) there is a way out for God’s Mercy Hebrews4:16 / 1John1:7-9 confess and turn away.


God bless you.

Ticha Masai